tatiana badanina


Born in 1955 in the town of Nizhny Tagil in the Sverdlovsk region of the Urals, Vasilyevna now lives and works in Moscow. During the years 1973 - 1978, the artist studied in the Graphic Art Faculty of Nizhny Tagil State Teacher's Training College under supervision of the Merited Artist of RF L.I. Perevalov, as well as V.P. Antony and I.I. Bagaev. She became a member of the Russian Union of Artists in 1989. Vasilyevna was awarded the title of Merited Artist of the Russian Federation.

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selected personal exhibitions

, Kultproekt Gallery, Moscow

Horizons, Stroganov Gallery, Moscow

About the Angels
, Pinacotheca, Moscow

TRANZIT, Ober Gallery, Connecticut

White Robes, Maris-Art Gallery, Perm

White Robes, Serafimo-Znamensky hermitage (skit), Moscow region

Pokrov, Materia Prima Gallery, Moscow

Alice's Tunnel, Polina Lobachevskaya Gallery, Moscow

Heaven (Nebo), Masters' Gallery, Moscow

Action Protection (Pokrov), Serafimo-Znamensky hermitage (skit), Moscow region

Russian Gallery, Tallin, Estonia

Graphic Art Centre, Vilnius, Lituania
ROSIZO Gallery, Moscow
Kaliningrad State Art Gallery, Kaliningrad

Wings (Kryl'ya), Sam Bruck Gallery, Moscow

Kino Gallery, Cinema Center, Moscow

Ekaterinburg Arts Museum, Ekateriburg 

Union Gallery, Moscow
Ekaterinburg State Art Museum, Ekateriburg
Nizhny Tagil State Art Museum, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

selected group exhibitions

KULIBIN group project, Krokin Gallery, Moscow

Collages russes, Galerie Blue Square, Paris

selected museum collections

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

State Museum of Oriental Arts, Moscow

Moscow Museum of Contemporary Arts, Moscow

State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow

Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad

Nizhny Tagil Arts Museum, Nizhny Tagil

Ekaterinburg Arts Museum, Ekateriburg

Novosibirsk Region Picture Gallery, Novosibirsk

Perm State Art Gallery, Perm

Irbit Picture Gallery, Irbit

Region Arts Museum, Orel

Ekaterina Collection, Moscow

Kino Gallery, Moscow

VYSO, Revda

Center of Craphics, Vilnius, Lituania

Russian Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia




Grant by AAFA, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris

Grand Prix at the Ist. International Triennale of printing Graphic, Ufa

Award at the IIIrd. International Biennale of Easel Graphic Art, Kaliningrad

Award at the Ist. All Union Biennale of Easel Graphic Art, Kaliningrad


Tatiana Badanina : Dress #2 2007 Paper 112 x 61 cm
Tatiana Badanina : White Dresses Installation  2007
Tatiana Badanina : White Dresses Installation  2007
Tatiana Badanina : White Dresses Installation  2007
Tatiana Badanina : White Painting   2004 Oil on canvas 150x200 cm
Tatiana Badanina : Palm Sunday  1991 Oil on paper mounted on canvas 120x100 cm
Tatiana Badanina : Kolokolnya  1993 Oil on canvas 120x100 cm
Tatiana Badanina : Anatole Vassiliev Theatre
Tatiana Badanina : Anatole Vassiliev Theatre

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