elena figurina


Elena Figurina was born in Latvia in 1955 and lives and works today in St. Petersburg. In 1969 her family moved to Leningrad where she trained and worked officially as an engineer until 1989, but began exhibiting her artworks unofficially since 1978. From 1976 to 1981, she helped organize underground exhibitions with the nonconformist group TEII. Since 2000, she has been a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Modern Art and has participated in over 200 exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. Figurina's paintings and sculptures are included in museum and private collections in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, South Korea, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.



selected personal exhibitions

ITF Art, M'ars Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Gallery AnnaNova, St. Petersburg, Russia

Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg

D-137 Gallery, St. Petersburg

Na Obvodnom Gallery, St. Petersburg

Agents Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

D-137 Gallery, St. Petersburg

Center of Modern Art, State University of St. Petersburg

Werdermann Art Gallery, Hamburg

Museum of Anna Akhmatova, Fountain House, St. Petersburg

State Museum of Theater and Music Arts, St. Petersburg

Werdermann Art Gallery, Hamburg

International Images Gallery, Sewickley, PA, USA

Gelman Gallery, Moscow

Lind and Andreasen Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark

Avrora Magazine Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg

Gallery Exhibit, Berlin, Germany

Gallery Klein Typografie, Hamburg

selected group exhibitions

State Russian Museum, Time of Changes: Art of 1960-1985 in the Soviet Union, St. Petersburg

State Tretyakov Gallery, Avant-garde, Second Part of the XX Century,Moscow

Ludwig Museum, Der Russische Symbolismus, Koblenz, Germany

State Tretyakov Gallery, Femme Art, Women Painting in Russia, XV-XX Centuries, Moscow (catalogue)

State Russian Museum, Twosome, St. Petersburg

Central Exhibition Hall of Union of Artists, Academy of Contemporary Art, About Love, St. Petersburg (catalogue) 

Central Exhibition Hall, Manege, In Search of the Missing Link, St. Petersburg (catalogue)

Gallery D-137, St. Petersburg

Gisich Art Gallery, St. Petersburg

La Papessa Gallery, Vienna, Austria

Annual exhibitions of Leningrad unofficial artists

selected museum collections

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Museum of History of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

Museum of Theater and Music Arts, St. Petersburg

Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg

Museum of Modern Art, St. Petersburg

Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg

Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University, Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union, New Jersey

Museum of Fine Arts, Sevastopol, Russia

Oregon University Museum of Art, Eugene, OR

State Museum of Astrakhan

State Museum of Khabarovsk

State Museum of Kazan

State Museum of Kaliningrad


Elena Figurina : Cows  2001
Elena Figurina : Figurina
Elena Figurina : Promenade 1999 1999
Elena Figurina : Stroll no 3  2000
Elena Figurina : At the Table 2001 Oil on Canvas 80x100 cm
Elena Figurina : Figure  2002 Oil on Canvas 110x90 cm
Elena Figurina : Promenade 3 2000 Oil on Canvas  50x60 cm
Elena Figurina : Promenade 1 1999 Oil on Canvas 50x60 cm
Elena Figurina : Promenade 1998 1998 Oil on canvas 50x60 cm
Elena Figurina : Picking Apples 1986 oil on canvas mounted on board 35 x 25 cm
Elena Figurina : Promenade
1999 oil on canvas mounted on board 35 x 50 cm
Elena Figurina : Study Red Dancer 1998 oil on canvas on board 35 x 20 cm
Elena Figurina : Study Reflection 1999 oil on canvas on board 35 x 20 cm
Elena Figurina : Study Trees 1991 oil on canvas mounted on board 50 x 35 cm

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