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Vladimir Titov was born in 1950 in Moscow. He has lived in Paris since 1982 and continues to work in Moscow and Paris. The dual influence of both cities is evident in his paintings, which are both expressionist and impressionist, and derisive and humorous without seeming aggressive.

"The human emotional reaction to reality is both the basis and the point of departure for the paintings of Titov," writes Mikhail Kowalkov. His pictoral surfaces, which the artist covers with color, give the impression of elegant negligence. Titov's canvases have an abstract quality due to their multiple and varied stratifications. The roughness of form and the somber color scheme enclose the viewer in the lugubrious atmosphere of his work. By contrast, his frequent use of white has a clarifying effect.

Titov was a student of the non-conformist artist, Vassily Sitnikov, in Moscow in the early 1970s. He has exhibited in Russia, Europe and the United States where his works can also be found in many private collections and museums.

In the artist's own words: "It is useless, in effect, to invent. The reality is there, fantastic and original."

selected personal exhibitions

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Rococo, Mimi Ferzt, New York

Vladimir Titov, Atelier 2, Moscow


Summer Village, Gallery KINO, Moscow

Art Moscow, Gallery KINO, Moscow

Galerie Studio Kostel, Paris, France

Galerie Espace Paragon, Luxembourg

L-Gallery, Moscow

Galerie Studio Kostel, Paris

Galerie du Théâtre d'Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Jacob Kohnert Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Embassy of France in Washington, DC

Gallery Studio Kostel, Paris

Gallery Studio Kostel, Paris

Gallery Marie-Thérèse Cochin, Paris

Gallery Leitzow, Berlin

selected group exhibitions

The Power of Water, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Collages Russes
, Galerie Blue Square, Paris

Poesie de L'Eau dans l'Art Russe, Palais Lumiere, Evian

Direction: North. Direction: South, Novyi Manezh, Moscow

Embassy of France, Washington, DC

Direction: West, Novyi Manezh, Moscow

Black-White Film, Novyi Manezh, Moscow

Eighth Floor Gallery, New York

State Pushkin Musem, Moscow

Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University, Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union, New Jersey

Carla Stellweg Gallery, New York

Paulina Rieloff Gallery, New York

Gallery Anna-Krista, Dusseldorf, Germany

Lineart International Art Fair, Gent, Belgium

Lineart International Art Fair, Gent

International Fair of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan


Gallery Francis Carrette, Brussels, Belgium

State Tretyakov Musuem, Moscow

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Festival of Contemporary Art, Toulouse, France

Retrospective Exhibition, Montrouge, Paris

Konrad Adenaur Center, Bonn, Germany

Berman Gallery, New York

International Art Fair, Nice, France

Lineart International Art Fair, Gent

Salon of Contemporary Art, Montrouge, State Prize, Paris

20th International Contemporary Art Awards, Monaco, National Award

Gallery Miro & Spizman, London

Bernheim-Jeune Gallery, Paris

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, New York

selected museum collections

National Foundation of Contemporary Art, Paris

Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University, Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union, New Jersey

Musee "Other Art", Moscow

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg



Catalogue, Vladimir Titov, Studio Kostel, Paris, 1989

Catalogue, Vladimir Titov, L-Gallery, Moscow, 1998

"Titov draws his themes from urban backyards slums and gateways. His personages are always freakish- outcasts or people belonging to the 'bottom' of a large and sick city, boozers, tramps, beggars, whores, cons and lumpens. There are also personages from the underground, people who have voluntary gone to seed and are wallowing in drinking bouts, gloomy morning-afters and soporific, twilight lethargy.... But his art cannot be reduced to the mere reflection of the truth of life and this makes his realism a thing apart. The fact is that in pinpointing the shady side of urban life he loves his shadows and sympathizes with them. Moreover, he views them as a source of inspiration and some queer poesy expressing it in the modern language of neo-impressionist 'violent' art in its specific Russian version."

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Vladimir Titov : The Bathers	 2005	 Oil on canvas	 75x120 cm
Vladimir Titov : Arc en ciel	 2007	 Oil on canvas	 100x180 cm
Vladimir Titov : Happy New Year	 2006	 Mixed media on canvas	 97x146 cm
Vladimir Titov : St. George et le DRAGON	 2007	 Oil/mixed media on canvas	 170x178 cm
Vladimir Titov : Untitled c. 2000 drawing 21x15 cm
Vladimir Titov : Untitled c. 2000 drawing & collage 21x15 cm

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