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Born in 1940 in Perm, Russia, Gennady Zubkov lived and worked in St. Petersburg until his death in 2021.  He graduated from the Painting and Graphic Department of the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute in 1968. From 1963 - 1973, Zubkov studied the concepts of Impressionism, Cubism, Suprematism, and Matushin's color theory under the tutelage of Vladimir Sterligov, a student of Malevich.  From Sterligov's "spherical geometry theory", Zubkov derived a new painting technique, "form creates form."  As an "unofficial" artist, Zubkov worked from 1962 - 1977 as an artist-designer in the Botanical Gardens where he was able to continue working with color and form, as well as exploring relationships between spirituality and art. A stated goal of the artist is "to show the beauty of the world around us so that man might begin to relate more kindly and carefully to everything around him and to preserve the beauty of nature." From 1986 to present, he has taught painting to young artists and has founded the artistic groups "Form+ Color" and "17 April."  He is a member of many artist associations including the International Federation of Artists (IFA), and the Society of  "Free Culture."  The artist has displayed his works in more than 150 personal and group exhibitions.

selected personal exhibitions

ZUBKOV = Form + Color, Galerie Blue Square, Washington, DC

Almaty: Light-filled Mountains, Gallery 12 June, St. Petersburg

Beginnings, Gallery S.P.A.S, St. Petersburg

Form + Color, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg

Calderara di Reno, Galerie Blue Square, Paris

Retrospective 1967-2007, Galerie Blue Square, Paris

Nature of Eternal Femininity, Cultural Palace KINEF, Kirishi, Russia

Summer 2005, Montenegro, S.P.A.S .Gallery, St. Petersburg

Paintings and Graphics of Gennady Zubkov, Gallery Gilda Masterov, St. Petersburg

Gennady Zubkov: Paintings, Gallery On Obvodny, St. Petersburg

Made in America, Before and After September 11, St. Petersburg Artists Union

Gennady Zubkov, Paintings and Graphics from St. Petersburg, Gallery Nikole Netuscil, Vermelskirchen, Germany

Exhibition in Dolhausen, Bochum, Germany

Impressionistic Cubism, Exhibition Hall of A.S. Pushkin Museum, Mikhailovskoje, Russia

The Day Before Yesterday, Yesterday, Today, S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg

Papaver L. Botanic Lessons, One picture Exhibition, State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg

Impressionistic Cubism, Dianne Beal Contemporary Art, Washington, DC

In Martini's Family Garden, Bochum, Germany

Impressionism Today, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

En Plein-Air and in the Studio, Smolny Cathedral Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg

Gennady Zubkov: Painting and Graphic Art, WIVI Gallery, Finland

Gennady Zubkov: The Third Wave of the Russian Avant-Garde, Exhibition Hall of the New Vallaam Monastery, Finland

Gennady Zubkov from Leningrad, Hagelstam Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Evidence of Things Not Seen - Zubkov and the Leningrad Sterligov Group, Curated by Charlotte Douglas and Margarita Tupitsyn. Contemporary Russian Art Center of America, Director Norton Dodge, New York

First exhibition of paintings based on Sterligov's methods held at the studio of a fellow painter, Leningrad

selected group exhibitions

Zubkov has particpated in more than 150 group exhibitions.

Futurology/Russian Utopias, Center for Contemporary Culture, The Garage, Moscow (together with AFRICA)

Memory.  Two Phases, Galerie Iragui, Moscow (together with AFRICA)

Sterligov and his Followers. St. Petersburg - Alma Alty
, Kasteeva State Museum of Art, Kazakh

Collages Russes, Galerie Blue Square, Paris

Summer 2005, Montenegro, SPAS Gallery, St. Petersburg

Made in America:  Before and After September 11, St. Petersburg Artists Union

Impressionistic Cubism, Pushkin Museum, Mikhailovskoye, Russia

Botany Lessons:  Exhibition of One Painting, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Sterligov Group: Paintings from Russia, Heidi Neuhoff Gallery, New York

In the Martini Family Garden, Bochum, Germany

Gennady Zubkov:  Third Wave of the Russian Avant-Garde, Exhibition Hall of New Valaam Monastery, Finland

Evidence of Things Not Seen:  Gennady Zubkov and the Leningrad Sterligov Group, curated by Charlotte Douglas and Margarita Tupitsyn, Contemporary Russian Art Center of America (Director: Norton Dodge), New York

First exhibition of Unofficial Art at the Gaza Culture House, Leningrad

selected museum & private collections

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow

Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers University, Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union, New Jersey

Museum of St. Petersburg History, St. Petersburg

Museum of Nonconformist Art, Yaroslavl Art Museum

Contemporary Art Museum, Tomsk, Russia

Check Point Charlie Museum, Berlin, Germany

Museum of Contemporary Art, Kolomna, Russia

Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg

Arkhangelsk Art Museum, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Tatiana and Natalia Kolodzei Foundation

International Federation of Artists of UNESCO, St. Petersburg

Diaghelev Arts Fund, St. Petersburg

Deutsche Bank, New York

West Hypo Bank, Dortmund, Germany

Petrovsky Bank, St. Petersburg

Saturn Bank, Moscow

Gennady Zubkov : Form of the Pomegranate	 1988-2006	 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Still Life with Teapot	 1991	 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Correcting Katya	 2004	 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : By the Port	 1969	 Gouache on paper	 73x94 cm
Gennady Zubkov : Village Figures	 1980	 Oil on burlap	 81x100 cm
Gennady Zubkov : Poppies  2007	 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Little Yard In San Diego   2002	 Oil on canvas	 245x180 cm
Gennady Zubkov : Time of Year- Autumn	 1982-2004	 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Little Yard In San Diego CA	 1999	 Oil	 100x81 cm
Gennady Zubkov : Gate 2007 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Summer  1975	 Oil on carton	 16x19 cm SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Village Outskirts 2007 SOLD
Gennady Zubkov : Time of year-Spring 1982-2004 Triptych, oil on canvas 180 x 205 cm
Gennady Zubkov : Two Trees 2008 Triptych, oil on canvas 180x290 cm
Gennady Zubkov : Crystal Tree II 2008 Triptych, oil on canvas 180x225 cm

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