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Yves Ullens, began photographing and exhibiting his first photographs professionally in 2001, at the age of 40. Since that time, he has shown his works in many galleries across Europe, worked on large-scale commissions for corporate and private clients and sold two major works at auction, Phillips de Pury, London and Christie's, Paris. Ullens is inspired by the color of everyday objects or landscapes and the light they reflect. His series include names (such as The Signs of Light, The Music of Light, The Landscapes of Light, Coloured Meditation and Vibrating Energythat capture the essence of light and merge the boundaries of painting and photography. The artist's latest series, Chromatic Variations, continues to focus on capturing the vital forces of light and color, while adding optical structure and geometric form through the interplay of art and technology. 

For more information, please visit Yve Ullen's website, Traquer de lumières.

artist statement

Having lived two near death experiences in my childhood, it is quite logical that all my experimental work is about catching the vital energy supplied by light and bringing it magnified and beautified to my viewers. By making my camera travel in time and space, I create new fantastic fairy-like imaginary worlds mostly from ordinary objects. The emotion is central in my work as I consider myself as « a doctor for the soul and feelings ». My creations should not only induce mere visual pleasure but also bring additional well-being to my audience.


selected personal exhibitions

2014 - Scent of AbstractRossi Contemporary (Brussels)

2013 - Inside OutsidePascal Janssens Gallery with Marta Pan, (Ghent)

2012 - Fascinating LightsBIL, Galerie L’Indépendance (Luxembourg)

Ponyhof artclub gallery (Munich)

2011 - Beautiful Lights, Galerie Loft (Paris), with the well-known Chinese Photographer Chen Man              

10.50 - Centre Culturel d’Uccle (Brussels)

2010 - Coloured Dreams, Liaigre Benelux (Brussels), Just “Ready to Wear” Collection

Colours & Seas, Young Gallery (Knokke, Belgium)

2009 - Lineart, Pascal Janssens Gallery (Ghent)

Smets Ellipse (Kirchberg, Luxemburg), “Further Enchanted”

Smets Concept Store (Strassen, Luxemburg), Just “Ready to Wear” Collection    

Enchantment and Mystery (Ghent), Pascal Janssens Gallery 

2007 - No Limits (Brussels)Young Gallery 

2006 - Art London, Alexia Goethe Gallery (London)

Full Colours, Alexia Goethe Gallery (London)    

2004 - Geneva Palexpo (Geneva), special guest

Color Changes, Galerie Guy Ledune  (Brussels)

2003 - Water & Light Vibrations, Ethnic Design Gallery (Miami)

Photo-graphiques, Loft 9 (Brussels)

Etats de Lumières, Young Gallery (Brussels)

2002 - Bl@Bla & Gallery (Brussels)

2001 - Belgacom Towers (Brussels)

Entrez dans la Lumière du IIIe MillénaireGallery (Brussels)

selected group exhibitions

2015 - L’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels)

2014 - Up Site with SpotUArt

Art Paris with Pascal Janssens Gallery & with Cruz-Diez & Barrios

Art 14 London with Pascal Janssens Gallery & with Ugarte, Dombis, Cruz-Diez & Barrios

L’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels)

2013 - Art Paris with Pascal Janssens Gallery & with Soto, Cruz-Diez & Barrios

L’Accueil, Châtelain 18 (Brussels)

2012 - L’Accueil, Pierre Bergé & associés, Salle des Beaux-Art (Brussels)

2011 - L’Accueil, Pierre Bergé & associés, Salle des Beaux-Art (Brussels)

2010 - Pascal Janssens Gallery (Gand)

Rencontres architectes-artistes, Galerie Horta (Brussels)

En corps et encoreSuty Gallery (Coye-la-Forêt, France)

Ché GuevaraEspace Art 22 (Brussels)

L’Accueil,  Pierre Bergé & associés, Salle des Beaux-Art (Brussels)

2009 - Triptyque (Angers, France), Ché (au “Theatre” avec la Galerie Suty)

Ché: du héros au culte de la marqueGalerie Suty (Coye-la-Forêt, France)

L’Accueil, Pierre Bergé & associés, Salle des Beaux-Art (Brussels)

2008 - Quel avenir pour le  futurLe Foyer (Leudelange, Great Duchy of Luxemburg)

L’Accueil, Xavier Hufkens Gallery (Brussels)

2007 - Liste Köln, Young Gallery (Brussels)

L’Accueil, Xavier Hufkens Gallery (Brussels)

2006 - Story, Alexia Goethe Gallery (London)

Summer Color, Young Gallery (Brussels) 

2e Festival International de la Photo de mer (Vannes, France)

L’Accueil, Xavier Hufkens Gallery (Brussels)

2005 - Light Expressions, ARTEspace Gallery, (Brussels)

L’Accueil, Xavier Hufkens Gallery (Brussels)

2004 - Deurlica Gallery (Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium)

2003 - L’Accueil, Xavier Hufkens Gallery (Brussels)

2001 - Vivendi Gallery (Paris)

Bortier Gallery (Brussels)


honors & awards

2015:  record auction, Christies (Paris)

2014:  installation at Beobank Headquarters (Brussels) of Crescend'O, the largest ChromaLuxe photosculpture in the world.

2012:  record auction, Phillips de Pury (London)

2011:  Winner of the BKCP Bank competition leading to the realisation of Metamorphosisa monumental photographic installation (12.9 m x 7.9 m) of 88 elements in their Brussels Headquarters.

2008:  Hasselblad Masters, semi finalist.


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Catalogues and monographs

2015:  Photographies, Paris 12 novembre 2015, Christie's

2012:  Yves Ullens Fascinating Lights Retrospective, Luxemburg, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)

2010:  Alexander's Houses, Beta-plus Publishing

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Etats de Lumières, Brussels, Young Gallery.

Documentaries (TV, video, DVD, radio)

2014: "Crescendo”, Yves Ullens, Documentary DVD produced and directed by STUDIO 77, languages: EN & FR, duration: 7 min.

2011: “Murmures de Lumières”, Yves Ullens, DVD produced and realized by the team of Emove (G. Demaret & L. Bendimered) during the installation of the monumental photographic installation “Metamorphosis”, languages: EN, FR, NL, SP, CN, duration: 12min41s

2010:  RTL info, Belgian Embassy

2007:  Move-on TV, reportage, 4min15s

2006:  L’Hebdo (France 3 Ouest, local French TV), interview, 4min15

2003:  Ethnic Design Miami, video, 1min     

Yves Ullens : Coloured Meditation 6 Cape Town (South Africa) 2012 C-print mounted on Diasec 210 x 140 cm; ed. 3 + 2 AP 150 x 100 cm; ed. 5 + 2 AP 
Yves Ullens : Coloured Meditation 7 Cape Town (South Africa) 2012 C-print mounted on Diasec, ed. 5 + 2 AP 120 x 120 cm
Yves Ullens : Coloured Meditation 5 Cape Town (South Africa) 2012 C-print mounted on Diasec 210 x 140 cm; ed. 3 + 2 AP 150 x 100 cm; ed. 5 + 2 AP 
Yves Ullens : Coloured Meditation 2 Cape Town (South Africa) 2012 C-print mounted on Diasec 240 x 160 cm; ed. 2 + 1 AP 180 x 120 cm; ed. 3 + 2 AP 
Yves Ullens : Coloured Meditation 1 Cape Town (South Africa) 2012 C-print mounted on Diasec 240 x 160 cm; ed. 2 + 1 AP 180 x 120 cm; ed. 3 + 2 AP 
Yves Ullens : Enchantment 1 Brussels (Belgium) 2008 C-print mounted on Diasec 150 x 100 cm; ed. 5 + 2 AP
Yves Ullens : Deliverance Brussels (Belgium) 2013 Chromaluxe, stainless steel and paint column:  160 x 56 x 42 cm base:  86 x 72 cm 
Yves Ullens : Vibrating Energy 1 Lille (France) 20014 C-print mounted on Dibond 40 x 60 cm; ed. 10 + 2 AP
Yves Ullens : Vibrating Energy 2 Lille (France) 2004 C-print mounted on Dibond 40 x 60 cm; ed. 10 + 2 AP

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