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September 10 2008 - October 30 2008

Galerie Blue Square is pleased to present the first Paris exhibition of paintings by celebrated Moscow artist Oleg Lang. The artist was born in 1950 in Novomoskovsk, the Tulskaya region of Russia and currently lives and works in Moscow.

Lang is renowned for his ability to capture narrative subjects of everyday life, political and mundane in nature, with a humor and sensitivity that marvels his viewers. A recognized artist of both abstract and figurative large-scale works, the current exhibition celebrates his more recent paintings, which use fabric or heavy linen as his canvas, and often employ collage and mixed media techniques. His training at Moscow's premier art school, The Surikov Institute, undoubtedly influences the monumental scale of his works both in size and attitude.

Oleg Lang's works have the distinction of being recently selected for exhibition in two of Russia's most prestigious exhibitions, "Collage in Russia. XX Century" and "Russian Abstraction. XX Century" both held at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

Earlier recognized as one of Russia's pioneering abstract artists at a time when abstraction was not understood or applauded during the Soviet period, the strength and clear vision of his paintings allowed him to succeed against the tide of conservatism. Today, the artist goes back to his strong figurative training and combines outlines of characters with whimsical themes and postures. To find a figure upside-down or sideways is not unusual in his paintings. Often there is contemporary reference to the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Georg Baselitz or Jean Dubuffet. Uniquely portraying his own vision relating to human relationships and even political statements, Oleg Lang's dry humor and wit shines brightly in all his works. Most remarkable about the artist is his passion and commitment to mastery of his craft. His series take on the magnitude of great epics recorded by the artist on a daily basis and explored steadfastly until the next theme is born.

Currently preparing for his solo exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009, Oleg Lang is on a steady trajectory for success. His paintings are included in the collections of important private collectors as well as the major museums of Russia, including the State Tretyakov Gallery and the State Russian Museum.

Contact : Dianne Beal +33 (0)1 49 96 59 17 – +33 (0)6 87 70 84 74 – beal@galeriebluesquare.com

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oleg lang : L'Homme qui guette 2008 SOLD
oleg lang : Invitation 2008
oleg lang : Woman in Armchair 2008 SOLD
oleg lang : exhibition
oleg lang : Archipelago Dubai 2008 Acrylic on canvas 140 x 160 cm
oleg lang : Old Things 2006 Acrylic on canvas 145 x 190 cm
oleg lang : Man in a Car 2008 acrylic on linen 80 x 120 cm
oleg lang : Woman on Shoulders 2008 acrylic on linen 120 x 80 cm
oleg lang : exhibition
oleg lang : Banal Triangle 2008 acrylic on canvas 130 x 150 cm
oleg lang : Artist in the Mirror 2008 SOLD
oleg lang : In the Bath 2008 acrylic on canvas 160 x 180 cm
oleg lang : Hussar 2005 collage, acrylic on fabric 200 x 170 cm
oleg lang : Stone Gallery 2008 Installation
oleg lang : The Seller 2005 collage, acrylic on fabric 100 x 90 cm
oleg lang : By the Sea 2006 SOLD
oleg lang : exhibition
oleg lang : She Goes By 2008 collage, acrylic on fabric 150 x 120 cm
oleg lang : Woman Smoking 2008 acrylic on fabric 180 x 150 cm
oleg lang : Sleeping at Dinner 2008 acrylic on fabric 120 x 140 cm
oleg lang : Pirushka 2008 acrylic on fabric 120 x 140 cm
oleg lang : exhibition
oleg lang : exhibition
oleg lang : exhibition

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