zubkov = form + color

October 25 2011 - December 31 2011

Galerie Blue Square is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition of paintings by Gennady Zubkov in the gallery's new Georgetown space.  The exhibition opens with a public reception from 6:30 - 8:30 pm on Thursday, October 27, 2011 and will remain on view until December 7, 2011. 

Gennady Zubkov (b. 1940, Perm, Russia) lives and works in St. Petersburg.  In the early 1960s, he studied the concepts of impressionism, cubism, suprematism, and color theory under the tutelage of Vladimir Sterligov, a pupil of Kazimir Malevich.  This direct connection to the tradition of the Russian avant-garde has continued to be an important link in the study and understanding of the beginnings of modern art, abstraction and conceptualism.  From Sterligov's theory of "spherical geometry", Zubkov conceived of and still uses a new painting technique, entitled "form creates form" which is applied to his still lifes and landscapes.

As an "unofficial" artist of the Soviet period, Zubkov never joined the Union of Artists, but instead worked from 1962 - 1977 as an artist-designer in the Botanical Gardens where he was able to continue working privately with color and form, as well as exploring relationships between spirituality and art.  He first exhibited in the United States in 1983 in an exhibition supported by Norton Dodge and the Cremona Foundation. A stated goal of the artist is "to show the beauty of the world around us so that man might begin to relate more kindly and carefully to everything around him and to preserve the beauty of nature." In a recent series, Zubkov described the experience of seeing the fog roll in over the mountains and along the Adriatic coast. This is where the blend of horizon and land becomes one hazy image. To the artist, this direct contact with nature inspires a feeling of awe and a connection to spirituality where the distinction between heaven and earth is also blurred.

The artist has had more than 150 personal and group shows, including exhibitions at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Art and most recently, at The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture.  His works are included in numerous public and private collections.


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zubkov = form + color : Little Yard in San Diego 1999 oil, wax on canvas 100 x 81 cm
zubkov = form + color : Village Figures 1980 oil on burlap 81 x 100 cm
zubkov = form + color : Still Life with Teapot 1991 oil on canvas 81 x 100 cm SOLD
zubkov = form + color : Poppy (diptych I) 2007 oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm SOLD 
zubkov = form + color : Poppy (diptych II) 2007 oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm SOLD 
zubkov = form + color : Three Trees 2009 oil in canvas on board 17 x 18 inches
zubkov = form + color : Printemps 1982-2004 oil on canvas 71 x 82 inches
zubkov = form + color : Calderara di Reno 2009 oil on canvas 71 x 106 inches
zubkov = form + color : Still Life with Large Bottle 1995 oil on canvas 38 x 43 cm SOLD 
zubkov = form + color : Carrying Water 1967-1999 oil on canvas 46 x 41 cm
zubkov = form + color : Still Life with Candle 1995-1996 oil on canvas 37 x 45 cm SOLD 
zubkov = form + color : Laundry Maid 1967-1996 oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm
zubkov = form + color : Calderara - Outskirts 2009 oil on canvas on board 50 x 70 cm SOLD
zubkov = form + color : Refracted Space 2008 Oil on canvas on board 50  x 60 cm SOLD 
zubkov = form + color : Trees, Evening 2009 oil on canvas on board 14 x 16 in SOLD 

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